3 Tips to Simplify Your Budget

Have you ever heard of flexible dieting? To sum it up, it is a “diet” where you can eat nearly whatever you want as long as you meet your macros (nutrition word for hitting your major nutrient objectives each day).

With this diet concept, a dish of ice cream or wine won’t necessarily set you back, because you can compensate throughout the day. It is all about balance, which I believe in fully.

The same concept can be applied to your budget. No two months are the same so I found it difficult to stick to very strict, specific budgets. Simplifying my budget has helped me immensely, and has taken much of the stress out of finances. Here are 3 tips for simplifying your budget.

  1. Make as few categories as possible. My budget includes the following: Shelter, car, savings, debt, phone, insurance, and spending money. These are catch all categories. For example, I include car payment, gas, and maintenance all in my car budget.
  2. Create monthly and quarterly goals. Realistically, we all have off months. Stick to a general monthly budget, but I find that a quarterly evaluation of my budget is much more fair and realistic. For example, my December budget is not typical because it includes gifts and travel.
  3. Try apps like Mint. This automatically keeps track and categories your spending when you link it to your bank account. So easy!
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2 thoughts on “3 Tips to Simplify Your Budget

  1. While you re making the budget part of your monthly routine, why not pick specific dates for other expenses? Set up auto drafts out of your checking account to pay bills, and buy your groceries on a set day every week or twice a month preferably, when the kids aren t around to tell you all about how awesome the new Chocolate King Crunch Sugar Bits cereal is!

    1. Great tips! I have to sneak off to the grocery store before my fiance can ask for treats! 🙂

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