50 Ideas to Save Money

Are you stuck in a rut with budgeting? Need to make some wiggle room, but not sure how? Sometimes you just need to get a little creative. Here are 50 ways to save money.

1. Cancel subscription box services. Boxes like Ipsy and Birchbox are fun, but they are not sending you products that you actually need. Cancel them and buy products on your own to save money.

2. Make your own cleaning supplies. Did you know you can make your own eco-friendly cleaning supplies for pennies? Here are some recipes.

3. Meal prep for the week. Preparing meals ahead of time saves time, money, and is healthy!

4. Use Ibotta, a coupon app. Ibotta is a fun rebate app. Check it out and get $10, free! (I don’t sponsor Ibotta, I just love the app!)

5. Cancel cable. TV is a bad habit that costs thousands each year. Why not make it a resolution to cancel it?

6. Look into cell phone alternatives. Prepaid phones are a cheaper option, but if you’re glued to your iPhone, look into switching carriers for the best deal.

7. Skip a salon session. Salons are NOT cheap. Hold off on getting your hair done for as long as possible to save major bucks.

8. Unplug devices not in use. Did you know devices that are plugged in, but not turned on still use energy? It might be difficult to unplug everything daily. Use a power switch and turn it off when you leave the house.

9. Turn off the lights. Like devices not in use, leaving the lights on costs you money.

10. Adjust the thermostat. Turning the temperature up or down a few degrees makes a huge difference in your energy bill. Get a programmable thermostat for the most comfort and money saving ability.

11. Pay off your credit card. Paying off your credit card saves you big bucks in interest.

12. Sign up for fuel rewards. Most grocery stores or gas stations have some sort of fuel rewards program. Though gas is low now, it’s always a good idea to save money.

13. Sign up for grocery store saver card. Score great deals by taking 5 minutes to sign up for a grocery store saver card. It definitely  helps!

14. Make shopping lists. Shopping with a list ensures you don’t buy extra items and that you bought everything you needed, eliminating the need for a return to the store.

15. Bring your lunch to work. Packing your lunch for work saves time, money, and is way healthy.

16. Utilize free-shipping with Amazon Prime. Instead of making long trips to the store, purchase Amazon Prime and buy items to be shipped to you for free.

17. Cancel your gym-membership. Gyms are a costly reoccurring expense. Cancel it and get creative with your workouts.

18. Walk/bike instead of drive. If you are able, walk or bike to nearby places to save money and get in shape!

19. Buy generics. Sometimes generic items aren’t the best deal. See which items I always buy generic.

20. Drink for cheaper. How can we as adults have a social life, but not spend all of our money on booze? Here is my advice on how to drink for cheap.

21. Use a rewards credit card. Credit cards can actually save you money if you’re careful with them. I use a travel rewards card to earn points to use for free flights!

22. Evaluate your car insurance provider. Car insurance rates tend to go up, so make sure you’re shopping around for the best option for you.

23. Make multiple student loan payment a month. By splitting your student loan payment into multiple payments, you save a little on interest each month. Read how I do that here.

24. Connect to wifi. Data usage is expensive. Make sure you are connected to wifi as much as possible.

25. Make coffee at home. Ya’ll know I love Starbucks once in awhile, but I definitely have it on a treat basis, not daily. Make coffee at home for pennies versus the $4.00+ you will spend at the coffee shop.

26. Make your own snacks. Granola bars, cookies, and dried fruit all make great snacks, but they add up in costs. Look up recipes to make your own, healthier options.

27. Switch to oatmeal instead of cereal. I’ve talked about my love of cereal before (embarrassing) but the convenience of it adds up! I have been trying to switch to oatmeal with peanut butter. Not only is it dirt cheap, it is way more filling and has less sugar.

28. Eat vegetarian. Meat is expensive. Cutting it out even one day a week (meatless Mondays, anyone?) saves money.

29. Cancel your tanning appointments. Okay, if you’re tanning still, please, please stop! They are costly, a waste of valuable time, and obviously have the potential to seriously harm your health. A bottle of sunless tanner is way worth it if you feel like you have to be tan.

30. Carpool. Ride share as much as you possibly can to save on gas and wear and tear on your car.

31. Negotiate your internet bill. As a blogger, I have to have internet, but I make sure to keep an eye on my bill, which always seems to creep up month after month if I don’t call them.

32. Go makeup free. Wearing less makeup saves money and keeps your skin healthy.

33. Switch to reusable towels and plates. Be eco-friendly and save money by using dish towels instead of paper towels. Buy cheap, reusable plates from Target instead of paper plates.

34. Do a closet swap with your friends. Many times, I shop because I am bored of my wardrobe. Get some friends in to do a closet swap to trade clothes items and save on shopping.

35. Swap body wash for soap. Simple body soap is so cheap, while body wash costs a lot more for less product.

36. Cut dyer sheets in half. This is probably the most frugal thing I do, and my fiance always teases me for it, but I cut dryer sheets in half. I haven’t noticed any difference in the softness of my clothes by using only half a sheet. Another option is those dryer balls. Has anyone used those? I’ve heard they are noisy :/

37. Make your own laundry detergent. Laundry detergent is pricey! Once I finish the detergent I have, I plan to try making my own with a recipe I found online. It literally costs pennies in comparison and is way more eco friendly! I’ll let you know how it goes.

38. Google coupons before you buy  a product online. Before I buy anything online, I always try to find a promo code for a discount. You would be surprised! I would say 70% of the time I find a coupon to save a few bucks.

39. Switch banks. Find a bank that is best for you. If they charge you to use an ATM, and you use an ATM all the time, maybe that isn’t the best bank for you. Shop around for interest rates as well to earn a little on your money.

40. Take care of yourself. By eating well, exercising, going to the doctor, etc, you save a ton of money in health costs in the long run.

41. Ask for free prescription samples. Often times, doctors will have medicine samples available for free. My eye doctor has even given me a box of free contacts before as samples!

42. Do free online workouts. Instead of paying for a workout class or gym membership, find a free online workout class to do with a friend.

43. Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs. Energy-efficient light bulbs are more expensive upfront, but save big bucks in the long term.

44. Go out for happy hour instead of going to the bars at night. Get your friends to join you for happy hour instead of fighting the crowds, cover charges, and expensive drinks at the bars at night.

45. Inflate your tires. Having properly inflated tires means your car is working at proper efficiency.

46. Go to a matinee. Day-time shows and movies are much less expensive than going to a night time show.

47. Quit money-sucking and poor habits. Smoking, excessive drinking, drug use, and other bad habits are not only expensive, but they take years off your life.

48. Get a library card. Books are a wonderful form of entertainment, but bookstores aren’t cheap. Libraries offer so many resources for free.

49. Wear your glasses.  Contacts are pricey, especially if you’re like me and wear one a day contacts. Wearing my glasses saves me approximately $2 a day! Crazy.

50. Educate yourself. The best thing you can do to save money is to educate yourself on money. Blogs, books, professionals, and classes all provide excellent resources for managing your money.

What are your most frugal tips? Comment below!

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4 thoughts on “50 Ideas to Save Money

  1. Interesting list, I never had cable and I lived seriously well, I use walking instead gym ,I hate contact lenses so I use glasses and tend to limit coffee in the cafe and make it with moka at home, but all your tips are useful, budget and cash diet are helpful too!!!

    1. Thanks, DJ! Ibotta makes couponing fun (or more fun if you’re a PF blogger who loves to coupon already!)

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