6 Things to Always Buy Generic

With regards to generic items, it seems like there are two teams. One is all about buying everything generic, no matter how low the quality might be. The other team is full of name-brand snobs, the ones who never look on the lower shelves in the supermarket for the cheaper items. I used to be on Team Generic, while my fiancé is on Team Name-Brand. I was bound and determined to show him how much money I saved by buying generic, until recently.

Story: A few weeks ago, I bought a box of 100 garbage bags for like $2, much cheaper than the name-brand for $12. But the garbage bags I bought actually disintegrated when I touched them. Like they literally ripped to shreds by a touch. After a loving “I told you so” from my significant other, I can now say I have seen the light.

This isn’t to say all generic items are bad – in fact,  I have bought generic items that were better than the name-brand. My goal the last few weeks has been to try name-brand versus generic of general household items and see which one has the best quality. I can now attest to 6 general household items you should always buy generic.

Household cleaners

I worked as a housekeeper in a hotel during college and let me tell you: you don’t need many fancy cleaning products. Dish soap, bleach, and water go pretty far. Better yet, make your own environmentally-friendly cleaning products for pennies. Click here for some great recipes by Good Housekeeping.

Paper products

Technically, I rarely buy any paper products but toilet paper. I refrain from buying convenience items like paper plates, towels and napkins and opt for reusable plates and cloth towels and napkins instead. Again, this is both economical and environmentally friendly!


Okay, maybe I’m strange to include this. But I can’t cook, so before my fiancé and I started cooking all meals together, I ate cereal twice a day (I do not suggest or promote it!! It was shameful!) But through this, I can call myself a cereal connoisseur and can say that generic tastes just as good as the expensive brands.

Nail polish

Avoid expensive name brands like Essie and OPI. I have tried them and found that they chip way too quickly for costing $8.00. The $1 brands work just as well for me, if not better than the expensive brands.


If there is a generic prescription available, take it! Insurance companies even say that the generic is chemically equivalent to the brand so that’s why they push generic so much. The only difference is the packaging.


I can’t believe the difference in the cost of name brand versus generic spices. It is absolutely crazy to me that I can get 5x the amount of cinnamon for less than the name brand offers.

What items do you buy generic? Any you would recommend? Any you would NOT recommend?

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    1. Isn’t it funny how some nail polishes work great for some people and terrible for others?! Wet n wild is my favorite and it’s cheap!

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