About Me

Hello and welcome to The Latte Budget!

I’m Rachel and I’m your typical millennial with an original $28,000 in student loan debt.

After becoming frustrated with the lack of real-life personal finance resources available for millennials, I created The Latte Budget.

This blog is different than many because I believe in flexible budgeting and not depriving myself of life. So many people have impressive get out of debt stories because they deprived themselves for many years of everything! While this is one way to do it, I did not want to sacrifice my early 20’s years to doing so.

I moved from Iowa to Charleston, South Carolina in 2014 and didn’t have the option of living at home, giving up my car, or other drastic measures. I am a small-town girl living in an expensive world.

You won’t see a ton of impressive stories here. But I will share my small, realistic milestones with you all. Can’t wait to learn from you!

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