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My name is Rachel.  I am a South Carolinian, cat owner, book hoarder, and a recent college graduate. Along with my sparkling degree came a monstrous amount of student loan debt – $30,0000 to be exact.

This blog serves a few purposes. Personal finance has always been of interest to me, but I have become increasingly frustrated with the lack of practical resources for REAL young professionals, especially for women (because, let’s be real…we aren’t giving up Starbucks and shopping any time soon). The reality is, us “millennials” are suffering with excessive student loan debt and less-than entry-level jobs.

Another reason for this blog is to hold myself accountable to my financial goals while gaining insight from all my readers. I don’t have a remarkable financial success story to share with you all. But with your help, I hope to. As young adults, we have different values and circumstances than older generations, and would have a whole lot of gain if we supported one another.

Lastly, I created this blog to challenge myself. I am challenging myself to take a risk and gain confidence in myself as an individual, as a writer, and as an entrepreneur.  And I hope to learn some new skills, information, and contacts because of it.

Thanks for visiting! Please feel free to leave a comment with thoughts, questions, concerns, or resources you have.

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