10 Ways to Stop Impulse Shopping

How many girls do you know who are fairly decent at budgeting, but then BAM, their closet is spilling over and they can be found at the mall every weekend? I’ll let you in on a secret: that used to be me.

Shopping was such an emotional habit for me. I’d shop when I was bored, when I was lonely, when I was stressed, when I was procrastinating. Shopping made me feel better for a little bit, but it wasn’t solving anything. The worst part of it was that I was buying a lot of cheap, poor quality clothes. But my closet quickly became filled with, so put it bluntly, a whole lot of crap.

It wasn’t until I moved that I realized just how much junk I had. For someone who has moved 7 times in the past two years, that was a lot of baggage to carry around. Something needed to change.

Now, I still love to shop, but I have definitely curbed my impulse shopping habit. Here’s 10 steps I took to stop emotional shopping:

  1. Clean out your closet.

    This is the only way to see just how much stuff you have bought and things you haven’t even worn. When I cleaned out my closet, I realized I was getting rid of hundreds of dollars of clothes that I had not worn once. What a waste!

  2. Research classic, staple items you need to build a solid wardrobe.

    No matter your personal style, figure out the basics. You likely will want a nice coat, a few pairs of quality jeans, some black heels, etc. Write these things down! They are items you will want to invest in and maybe even splurge on. Predict how many years of use you can get out of each item.

  3. Make a list of all clothes you need, and which season they fit.

    Keeping a running list of every item of clothing you need will serve you in so many ways. If you’re having a moment of weakness and want to impulse shop, you can use this list to make sure you’re buying only things you actually need. This list also provides opportunities to find more items on sale because you know what you’re looking for.

  4. Be smart and buy at the end of the season.

    Have you ever noticed how swimsuits go on super sale at the end of summer? When at the beginning of summer, they are ridiculously expensive? When you create a list of exactly what you need, you can be on the look out for these end-of-season deals and can save a ton of money. Sure, you might miss out on buying the hottest trends of the season, but trends come and go anyway. To me, spending money on timeless pieces that I can wear for years to come is worth far more than buying a new trendy piece every single year.

  5. Save up for high quality pieces.

    If you are buying an item that you will wear almost daily, then it is worth it to splurge on a higher quality. For example, when I lived in Iowa, it was imperative that I had a winter coat. I wore it every day for almost 6 months out of the year, so it was worth it to invest in a higher quality coat versus a cheap one. Plus, it kept me nice and toasty 🙂

  6. If it’s not on your list, no buying!

    This will force you to really think through your purchases ahead of time and eliminate any possible impulses.

  7. Acknowledge your emotions before shopping.

    Be aware of how you feel and be honest with yourself. Are you shopping because you’re trying to fill a void, or are you truly shopping because you need clothes?

  8. Ask yourself how many wears you’ll get out of that outfit.

    Calculating cost per wear is a great guideline to know if something is actually worth it. You can learn more about it here.

  9. Only buy clothes you absolutely LOVE.

    If you’re like me, half the stuff you buy on impulse is total junk. Maybe it was on sale or maybe you were just feeling emotional while buying it. If clothes don’t make you feel great, then they aren’t worth buying. This can be a hard lesson to learn for some who view clothes as simply functional. Clothes can say so much about you, so I encourage people to spend time and money dressing themselves in a way that makes them feel great.

  10. Have fun and shop on!

    Shopping can still be fun, even while trying to curb impulse shopping and while sticking to a budget. Be smart about your purchases and be in tune with your emotions and you can’t go wrong.

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4 thoughts on “10 Ways to Stop Impulse Shopping

  1. Absolutely truth also if H&Mshop near home is a real tempation I buy only things are on my approved shopping list an must to be combined with entire closet and every 4 months I declutter my wardrobe…I can say before budget I wasted a lot of money on clothes I never wore….

    1. I just donated a whole bag of almost new clothes I never wore! Bought them in college, before I was wiser with my budget.

  2. One tip I use to avoid impulse shopping has been to unsubscribe from all store emails! Although I love sales, I realized that I would shop during the sale instead of only when I actually needed something.

    I love buying at the end of the season though. I am going to stock up on a few sandals in September!

    1. Right?! I’ve come home with some crazy stuff I bought impulsively because it was on sale!

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