October Goals

What do you do when you’re relocated to avoid a massive hurricane? You goal set. *Boom*.

Hurricane Matthew may have evacuated us from our home in Charleston, but we are safe and doing well. We had family in town and unfortunately, we all had to evacuate on my fiance’s birthday.

So Andrew, the pets, and I load up the car to drive up to a family friend’s house in North Carolina. Though Charleston looks like it will be hit hard, we have all of our most important things and have insurance so we are just thankful to be safe!

It was still 85 degrees when we left Charleston, so North Carolina actually feels like fall!

Anyway, being evacuated with nothing but your computer and knowing everything you own might be destroyed, you gotta keep on keeping on. So here I am, thinking about what I need to achieve this month.

September was a great month. Andrew and I traveled nearly every weekend and had some friends visit us. I accomplished a lot of wedding goals and I have been finalizing the touches on the transition to a new blog look.

I also got my first freelancing income in September! I am a new writer for DC over at Young Adult Money – check it out! Tons of good info over there.

Here are my goals for the month.


  • Get ahead on posts. I have been terrible with this lately!
  • Automate tweets
  • Grow my Pinterest following to 1,000 people. I am currently at 850.


  • Book hairstylist
  • Order invitations
  • Finalize everything with the church
  • Pray my wedding dress and decorations items in my apartment aren’t destroyed by the hurricane 🙂


  • Continue to wake up at 5:30 to workout each morning
  • Finish my current book – The Power of Positive Thinking by Normal Vincent Peale
  • Look into switching cell phone providers. I am on an individual Verizon plan right now, and now my rates are sky rocketing. Any suggestions on this?


I added Andrew to my emergency fund (the first shared account we have!) With both of us contributing, we should be able to quickly build an emergency fund. I use Capital One 360 for this, and they have been super easy, convenient, and I had awesome customer service with them! Our goal for our emergency fund is to rebuild it to $2,000 before the end of the year, where we are right on track!

We are holding off making a ton of extra payments on student loans right now since we are still paying for a big wedding. Once we are married, we are looking forward to hitting those student loans hardcore.

What are your goals for the month? Comment below!

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